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Find your

...and love your life again!

Let's create an exciting vision for your future.

I know first hand the multiple roles we as women take on during the course of our lives. While we're nurturing everyone else, we often lose sight of ourselves. I will help you find a balance that brings true happiness and fulfillment to your life. 

Build confidence

Find your purpose

Form stronger relationships

Be more productive

Feel motivated

Get excited about your future

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Women are inherently hard on themselves. Our inner critics are constantly pressuring us to be "perfect", crippling us to the point of utter defeat. I'm here to help you drop the shame and blame; and move on.


Certified Life Coach,

Rhodes Wellness College

  • Land your dream job

  • Start or grow a business

  • Get the 'spark' back into your relationship 

  • Eliminate toxic relationships 

  • Break bad habits 

  • Reach your health and fitness goals

  • Find your passion 

  • Achieve a healthy work/life balance

  • Learn how to deal with obstacles 

  • Achieve financial security 

  • Clear the mental clutter 

  • Drop the guilt 

Don't let insecurity, doubt and guilt drive your future.

I will help you look within yourself to uncover limiting beliefs and self-truths that may be holding you back. My approach will empower you to realize your goals and dreams.

Start Today!

Start the journey towards clarity, confidence and true happiness.

Reach Out

Schedule your complimentary discovery session.

Let's Talk

We'll explore your goals, current setbacks, and discuss next steps.

Love Your Life

Together we'll chart the course to the life you have always dreamed of.





• 90 Minute In-Depth Uncovering Session

• 4 x 45 Minute Coaching Sessions
  (in person or via Zoom)

• 4-Week Follow-Up Call

5% Savings





• 90 Minute In-Depth Uncovering Session

• 12 x 45 Minute Coaching Sessions

  (in person or via Zoom)

• 4-Week Follow-Up Call





• 90 Minute In-Depth Uncovering Session

• 24 x 45 Minute Coaching Sessions

  (in person or via Zoom)

• 4-Week Follow-Up Call

Packages & Pricing

10% Savings

15% Savings

Hourly Rate: $120/hr

Madison is a gem. Her approach to coaching is warm, authentic, honest and engaging. She made me feel comfortable and understood from the very first session. Madison has a wealth of knowledge and a sincere desire to help women live their best lives. Working with her helped me identify my limiting beliefs and address issues that have kept me stuck for years! I feel empowered and excited to move forward. I highly recommend Madison to any woman wanting to realize their potential. 


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